Nordiske matcher

Oversikt over Nordiske matcher
H=Hangun, S=Shotgun, M=Mini Rifle, R=Rifle
O=Open, P=Production (PO,POL), S=Standard, C=Classic, R=Revolver

Green means the region has accepted and will organize the championship
Red means the region will not organize the championship
Any of the three other regions can do it, first come first served
Yellow means the region has not decided yet

2021Mini RifleRifleHandgun
– (Open, Prod)
2022ShotgunMini Rifle RifleHandgun
– (Std, Cla, Rev)
– (Open, Prod)
StandardMini RifleRifle

Nordiske mesterskapvedtatt av Nordiske RDer

1. Handgun Nordic Championships must not be split across more than two matches. a. The host regions will host the respective divisions in the same match, i.e. Open/Production in one match and Revolver/Standard/Classic in one match. 

2. Handgun Nordic Championships will be split in an alternating two-year cycle a. Handgun Open/Production Sweden 2018 b. Handgun Standard/Classic/Revolver Denmark 2019 

3. Regions are responsible for updating match information on the IPSC calendar as soon as practicable. 

4. If a host region is unable to host a match per the Nordisk Skjema, they can offer it to another region. 

5. Each country is given a slot for the match as follows: Organizing country is given 40% and the three other countries 20% each. 

6. The division(s) the match is having as the “Main Event (Nordic Championship)” must have priority for slots in the match up to 90 days before the match. 

7. Match Directors must communicate slot requests to Nordic Regional Directors no later than four weeks before the match registration date 

8. Regional Directors must confirm the slots no later than three weeks before the match registration date.

9. Failure to confirm the slots by the deadline results in forfeiture of the national slots. 

10. Unused slots will be released to the match organizers after the pre-registration deadline. 

11. This agreement is valid for matches held from 1.1.2018 onwards.