Further clarification of current sanctions from IPSC Executive Council.

In light of the current situation, the Regional Directors and boards of the Nordic IPSC Regions wish to clarify that Competitors or Match Officials from Russia or Belarus cannot compete nor officiate in any Level of IPSC competition, including Level I or Level II competitions in any of the four Nordic countries.
It is also not possible for members from IPSC Russia or IPSC Belarus to transfer region to any of the Nordic countries. The reason being that the regions in question are currently under sanction from IPSC Executive Council. (See rule
Also, none of the members of the Nordic countries are allowed to compete or officiate in matches of any level in Russia or Belarus.
The above decisions are in effect until further notice.

Roland Dahlman, RD Sweden
Mikael Ekberg, RD Finland
Hugo Hansen, RD Norway
Mark Weisinger, RD Denmark

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