Nytt brev IPSC presidenten – Vi ønsker innspill

Dear Regional Directors,

I would like to share some news from the recent IPSC Executive Council meeting:

1)    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the transition period for the IPSC accounts from Sweden to Switzerland lasts longer than it had been expected. For that reason, Roland Dahlman was appointed as a Deputy Treasurer in accordance with the Section 7.2 of the IPSC Constitution. 

2)    Adding to the Handgun Ready Condition Options 1,2,3 to Handgun Rules was discussed in detail during the meeting. We have the result of the voting about this matter from April 2019. But the situation changed and we would like to open a final discussion about this issue. The questionnaire will be sent to the Regional Directors in a short while to check the opinion of the Regions. We would kindly ask Regional Directors to discuss it with NROI and athletes. 

3)    There was also discussion about PCC minimal overall barrel length, overall firearm length and two PCC Divisions – iron sights and optics. The questionnaire about this issue will be distributed to get the opinion of the Regions. It is necessary to have minimal overall barrel length for safety reasons. As there were cases of injuring a finger by athletes because of the shooting with a short barrel PCC rifle.

Dear Regional Directors, please pay attention that this information will be published in the official IPSC Facebook page 18 hours after this letter is sent. 

You can share this information with your Board members, but please don’t publish it before the official announcement in IPSC Facebook page. 

Stay safe! DVC!

IPSC President

Vitaly Kryuchin

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